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     "Within the past few years my direction and painting focus changed.  I moved from New York City to the country.  I studied animal communication and saw there were possibilities in life I never imagined existed.  Afterwards I was amazed at the sight of great schools of whales and dolphins jumping out of the sea in Massachusetts and Alaska.  Someone remarked in my recent photographs they saw a sense of strength and mystery.  I was delighted.  I want to share the sense of awe I have with life- the magic of synchronicity, the unfathomable, unexpected mystery.
     As a complete work, many people have stated my journals are my art.  I have been keeping daily visual journals for 25 years.  They are my meditations and often talk to me.  I have 50 books, a day at a time, in a pictorial overview.  They are conceptual.  Sometimes they are a simple scribble, sometimes a collage, othertimes a careful drawing.  They bubble up with surprises and forecasts I am not immediately aware of, like the whales.  It is exciting for me to see the same inner knowledge arise in my paintings, in a more finished form, (painterly like ), than in my daily pages."

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